Welcome to Hally Park South Africa. We are excited that you are here. Hally Park has been founded on a passion for health and wellness.

Healing Products

We have remarkable healing and health products to offer you for wounds, aches, pains, general health, skin and nails. Our first product launched is the MSM body cream that has surpassed all our expectations. Read more.

The testimonials of people using our MSM body cream are growing. Safe for humans and pets.

Organic Farming (No GMO's)

Hally Park produce is still very small scale, but growing. We produce organic fruit and vegetables and love to dabble in the exotic, but only heirloom

What does that mean? On the farming side, it means that everything grows so much slower. Spinach is not 60 days to harvest, it is 90 to 120 days to harvest and the yield is not as great. But what that means for those eating our produce is that we do not have any hybrid plants, nothing GMO. That is why it takes so much longer to grow. But as it is the way nature intended before man interfered, it is packed with goodness and no chemicals. Understanding that this way of farming will not cure world hunger, but the health benefits for those who partake is unmatched.

Coming soon:

Healing balms. (This has been tried and tested with photographic evidence. Again, safe for humans and pets.)
MSM or propolis capsule
Herbal teas for colds and flu