How To Grow Goji From Seed

This is a process that requires much patience.
What is needed:

  • Heated room
  • Shallow dish or tray
  • Roller towel
  • Goji seeds
  • Potting soil
  • Planting pots

A heated room does not need to be your stumbling block, there are many ways around this. I have one room in the house that always has the heater on and door closed. If you don’t have that space, you can always build a miny hot house outside.

Take your tray or bowl (must have a flat base), place one layer of roller towel down, put your seeds on top and cover with one more layer of roller towel. Damp this down and leave in your heated room.

Keep the tissue damp at all times. If it does dry out, don’t abandon ship, only if anything had germinated will only that seed die. The seeds germinate at different speeds, some within weeks, some take up to six months.

When I started, I read articles that said that once the seed has germinated, transplant. That has never worked for me. I wait until the leaves are showing and it has a tiny stem. I then half fill the pot with potting soil, damp it down, carefully cut the tissue, giving ample space so as not to touch the roots and transplant the little goji with the tissue. Then carefully fill the pot to half way up the stem.

Now it is important to keep your plant moist and well fed. Supporting our locals, I buy organic fertilizer from Hopwell Supplies in Howick. I mix this into water and feed my seedlings with the ‘tea’ from the organic fertilizer.

It is important to know from the beginning that not every seed will germinate. I buy in packs of 20 seeds and they are doing well if I have twelve that germinate. From there, on average, less than half of those will develop leaves. Transplanting, not all will survive.

The one that I transplanted in the video, a week later another goji plant shot up in the same pot.
Both plants are doing well and are very healthy.

If you have one plant that is barely growing, just be patient, it will eventually. One of mine stayed the same size for months and now is bigger than the others that were planted out at the same time.

Remembering that goji plants love the sun, make sure that were you position them they get the max sunlight as possible. If you live in an area that tends to suffer from lack of sun and you have many overcast days, you might want to look at artificial lighting to keep your plants happy and growing.

Mine stay in a heated room for the first year and then get moved out during the day, but still sleep inside.

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