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Wound Care Can Go Wrong

I want to give you some examples of how bad wound care can be.

In a previous article I mentioned my husband got bitten badly by a dog. I took him to a private hospital. Not only did they use dirty tap water to wash the wound but a nurse put on a dry bandage, no padding, no gauze and over tightened the bandage (over tight bandage is the worst because it restricts circulation). I corrected all of that as soon as we got home.

What I could not correct is that they gave him two rabies vaccines, one live, one dead. What this meant was that he had no immunity to rabies and had mildly compromised his immune system for other possible viruses.

This meant that for two years, if he did receive a bit from an infected animal, there was nothing that could be done. Fortunately, after a biopsy, the dog was cleared and my husband was safe, but still compromised.

Many years ago, my father was doing a triathlon. Just to clarify before he reads that and gets upset, he still runs half marathons in Australia where he and my mother reside and in very good times. Back to my story, he fell and hit his shin on a rock. He finished the race, but with his shin bone showing. It had cut a large ^ shape with his shin bone as the point.

He went to the medical tent, got it washed and bandaged. Then when he got home he went to his local doctor and had it stitched back together.

I was so angry the next time I saw him as he was on crutches, in terrible pain, his leg was horribly swollen and more so because the doctors were not doing anything helpful. The swelling was so bad, he was close to loosing his leg.

The stitching had closed the wound and been removed, but the skin was going black and dying. The doctor was giving him a cream to eat away at the dead tissue so everything was ok. Pressing into his ankle was like memory foam, the capillaries were no longer working and the pain almost reduced my dad to tears.

I can’t express my anger even talking about the situation. My father was about to loose his leg, a man who has always been an athlete, all because the people that were entrusted with his recovery either did not care or knew no better. I would like to think that their training should have covered such recovery, but that is worse, because that means they did not care.

I took over my fathers recovery and discarded any creams, etc that the medical professionals had prescribed.

As much pain as it caused, he needed intense physiotherapy on his leg. The fluids had to be moved out of the limb forcefully to encourage circulation to start up again. The lymphs had been compromised and needed relief. My father came through three times a week for massage therapy which was very painful and the wound was bandaged in raw honey.

It took some time to reverse the damage that had been caused, but he made a full recovery. There is a pic in the gallery of my dad in his Aussie running colors long after this ordeal.

My maid fell (at her home) and broke her wrist. When I got back from honeymoon, the cast had come off and her hand was hugely swollen with no movement in her fingers. She went back to the doctor on my recommendation and they were unable to do anything for her.

I sent her back with a letter from me requesting physiotherapy. She came back with a letter saying that was unnecessary, the X-rays showed the bones were in place and nothing more could be done for her.

I was outraged. The poor woman stood there very sheepishly while I had a tantrum over what the doctor had said. She was afraid that I would fire her because she had lost the use of her right hand.

I started with massaging her hand and then exercises that she had to do. Within two weeks the swelling was completely gone and she had full use of her hand. I took her to the doctor that had dismissed the fact that she needed any help and had my tantrum in his office showing what a little time and care can do for the quality of someones life. I was asked to leave.

I started mixing different herbs and products, testing the results after a horrible accident to my pony. She was kicked on her inner thigh so badly that it tore the muscle and left the muscle bunched above her knee, held there by her skin.

The kick had not damaged her skin badly, surprisingly. I called a physiotherapist who told me she needed an operation. I knew the operation would not be very effective as the scare tissue would keep ripping and she would live in constant pain.

My options: Try do what I wanted the physiotherapist to do or have her put down.

Out of desperation I mixed two products that both work fairly well, but neither were equipped to deal with this. Ice man and Deep relief. One is herbal, the other is brufen based. One is pale blue, the other is clear.

When I mixed them in my hand it turned milky white and started steaming.

I massaged her leg for half an hour three times a day encouraging the muscle back up her thigh. It took three weeks of massaging and stable rest to full recovery. For the remainder of her life, she never had another unsound day.

We moved to a new farm a few months ago and have been fixing the very dilapidated fences. Unfortunately, my one mare, Venus, found a fence that hadn’t yet been fixed. The wounds were very sever and I had to make a choice. The cuts were easy to treat, but the hole in her inner thigh showed the tendon and it had a small nick in it. I could have the tendon operated on, leave her on stable rest and risk lymphangitis.

Judging by the severity of the soft tissue damage, there was going to be loads of damaged blood vessels, causing swelling and leading to lymphangitis. Vets suggest exercise to encourage circulation, but that was impossible with the tendon damage. Tendon needs rest, lymphangitis needs exercise.  

I opted to treat the lymphangitis first and if need be later have an operation done on the tendon. Washed the wounds and smothered Venus in step 1 healing balm. Rubbed my MSM body cream down her whole leg.

Day two her leg was sore and swollen from the bleeding and she could barely put weight on her leg. I applied and removed pressure bandages at two hourly intervals, massaged her leg three times a day, slowly walked her in hand twice a day and hosed her leg twice a day.

She was given antibiotics, anti inflammatory and painkillers orally.

Lymphangitis is a very serious and very painful condition.

Day two and three were a nightmare and exhausting.

Day four, the swelling was going down rapidly and she was able to walk again. By that evening the swelling was completely gone.

Day five she continued with her antibiotics and step 1 only.  

The pictures of her recovery are in our gallery.

I have been treating a cat that got a snake bite on the side of his face. The photos are horrific and not for sensitive viewers. His recovery has been remarkable. Pictures of Joe are only on request. He went missing and when he was found four days later, he was a bag of bones with half his face missing.

Two weeks of treatment and he has mad a full recovery and is fat again. F.Y.I. in the more sever cases, topical drawing ointments are not enough, nor are topical antibiotics. They need to be administered internally and externally.

If you have no training with wound care, seek professional advice.

But please make sure you know enough that the professional can’t make your situation worse. Remember that they are also humans and make mistakes, but you need to know enough to ensure that they do not make a permanent mistake on you.

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Wound Care

Wound care does not need to be something scary.

Everyone at some stage gets an injury and it is best that you know how to deal with it. Please note that I am in no way am I insinuating that medical practitioners are not needed in the process. I am saying that they are humans and make mistakes and so you need to be able to not blindly believe and ignorantly disagree.

It is also important to understand how to treat minor wounds at home, e.g. scrapes and bruises, understanding that some of the old fashioned remedies are harmful, while others are still better than modern medicines and some are enhanced by modern medicines.

I have spoken before about people getting hung up on one miracle cure. What if that miracle cure could be made better by combining it with another?

We have been running tests on some of the combinations and the results are mind blowing. I want to go into some of the test results, but I will do my best to stay focused and discuss those at a later stage.

Let’s start with a common graze.

What you are dealing with is damaged tissue, broken blood vessels, possible crushed tissue (which will die and cause infection), foreign matter (dirt, grit, bacteria, etc.) and exposed flesh with no protective layer.

Past day treatments include a kiss on your knee and sent on your way. Washed out with water or salted water, band-aid and probably Mercurochrome or purple spray.

There was a spray that gave a false layer of skin, fantastic in theory, but now you have put potentially harmful chemicals into an open wound and sealed in all the problems. There were teachings with the Red Cross to use a nail brush to scrub the wound.

I don’t want to be harsh and condemn these treatments, but explain that there is a better way. Firstly, scaring should be kept to a minimum. This is not for aesthetics, but rather what scaring can possibly do.

Scaring can form possible damaged cells which can lead to other much more serious problems. Scar tissue is restrictive and not as elastic as other tissue and so depending on where the scar tissue is, it can be painful, cause future tearing and bleeding of the tissue leading to even more scar tissue. I once had a blow to my ankle, the tendon bled and the scaring attached to the bone.

I battled for over a year with very limited movement in my ankle, shooting pain and unable to run before I found a physiotherapist who was equipped with the knowledge to break down the scar tissue. Why not just try and avoid it from the start.

Protecting healthy tissue and promoting healing.

When you wash out the wound, wash with something gentle. Water, saline solution, Epsom salts in the water. Avoid Detox, Salon, hydrogen peroxide and other such products. Why? Yes, they do a very good job sterilizing the wound, but they damage the healthy tissue, slowing down the healing process and giving more chance for infection at a later stage due to the death of healthy tissue and promote scaring.

Never, nevernever use a scrubbing brush on a wound! I don’t care how much grit is in the wound!

Take your time washing it out, let clean water run over the wound, soak it in warm water, but be gentle. Gentle means that you let the water do its job and don’t stick your fingers in the wound or any other object.

I know this is slightly off topic and we will discuss more serious wounds later, but a few years ago my husband got badly bitten by a dog. I stabilized the wound at home before taking him to the hospital and so glad I did. The doctor and nurse were so rough washing out the bites that they did further damage to the tissue. Not to mention that the tap water they were using was not clean! If you can’t drink the water, you should not put it on an open wound, fact!

My husband was patient with the medical professionals, I was not very gracious and made them stop. If they had been more gentle, I doubt the scaring would be as bad as it is today.

Once you have gently cleaned the wound as best as you can, put a drawing ointment combined with an antibiotic cream, anti-fungal, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial on the wound. The drawing ointment means that you don’t have to get every last piece of foreign matter out manually, the ointment will gently remove even the most microscopic pieces without damaging the surrounding tissue.

I use a gel gauze, or gauze smeared with petroleum jelly, then apply the ointment to the gauze, then apply the gauze gently to the wound and bandage it on. Never apply a dry bandage to an open wound and never over tighten the bandage.

Bandaging is also something that we will discuss in great length and I will do a how to video. Doctors and nurses are not taught the art of bandaging, that is something taught in first aid which is a course they normally do not take.

It is important to keep the wound moist with ointment (not a soggy bandage) during the healing process to keep elasticity in the developing tissue that will reduce scarring.

So, what all should your ointment do?

  1. Drawing agent
  2. Anti inflammatory
  3. Anti bacterial
  4. Anti fungal
  5. Antibiotic
  6. Increase permeability of cell membranes (Speed up the healing)
  7. Reduce bruising

I got tired of mixing up so many different things to get the results that I wanted that I now have it premixed and ready to use. Whether it be for my staff, my husband, friends, myself or my animals. It is safe and non toxic.

So, now your wound is dressed. Leave the dressing on for as long as possible. If possible, up to three days, but not exceeding three days. If it is half a day, that is also fine. Rewash the wound, allow it to dry and redress. Remember, no soggy bandages, that will breed a whole lot of nasties you are not equipped to deal with.

Let’s be practical, it is not always possible to bandage a wound. When we go into more serious wounds I will also show photos of my horse that got injured on her inner thigh and it was impossible to bandage. In this case, keep the wound as clean as possible and continue to apply as often as possible.

Some of the ingredients found in STEP 1 healing balm, honey, acropolis, MSM.

Once the wound is healing well and there is no more need for a drawing agent. The soft new skin is visible, I move to STEP 2 healing balm. It is not as sticky and messy. It promotes complete healing and reduces scaring. We discussed why this is so important earlier. Keep the wound open at this stage and apply the STEP 2 healing balm regularly, a minimum of twice a day for best results.

Hope this helps you and look forward to receiving your feedback. If you have anything that you feel out of your depth, please feel free to contact me.

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MSM Body Cream – A miracle worker!


  • Avocado extract
  • Olive extract
  • MSM

In our trials, our cream has proven effective for:

  • Tendinitis
  • Torn tendons
  • Bruising
  • Gout
  • Strained muscles
  • Torn and cut muscles (cut in operations)
  • Reducing nerve related pain
  • Healing broken bones
  • Improving movement in joints
  • Reducing arthritis
  • Reducing the signs of aging skin
  • Strong healthy nails
  • Aiding in fitness by speeding up the recovery

Understanding what MSM is and what it does will help you understand why this product works so well. Before going into the scientific background of MSM, in this cream, the MSM has been added in such a way to ensure maximum absorption.

Why use this cream when you already take MSM supplements?

MSM is so important for the body and does so much, that taking it orally it is often lost doing all its other chores that it often doesn’t manage to target the area you want it to. This cream can be used as a full body cream and you will see and feel results, it can also be used to target certain areas. If you have gout in your ankle for example, applying it to your wrist will lose effectiveness.

If you are target treating, use it where the pain is. Or, if you have just had a good workout or an accident, apply it where the pain will be. Prevention is better than cure. If you have a family history of arthritis/ osteoarthritis/ degenerative joint disease, use MSM body cream to keep your joints healthy.

  • MSM
  • Methylsulfonylmethane C2H6O2S
  • Oxidized form of dimethyn sulfoxide (DMSO)

Before anything else, its most important function is on a cellular level. MSM improves the permeability of the cell walls increasing osmoses.

This means that good nutrients can be absorbed more readily and bad removed. Bad includes forms of acid build up (gout and stiff muscles), excess fluids, free radicals. I am sure that it is now understandable why when only taken orally, the effectiveness is lost.

Just a few of the benefits of MSM:

  • Prevents wrinkles and scars
  • Improves skin and wound healing
  • Reduces muscle pain and spasms
  • Improves bone repair
  • Restores healthy body tissue
  • Part of the treatment of arthritis/ osteoarthritis/ degenerative joint disease
  • Helps form connective tissue and repair joints
  • Elasticity of tendons and ligaments
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Fights the effects of stress and pain
  • Raises immunity
  • Increase energy (improves oxygen to the cells)
  • Provides active biological sulfur
  • Helps rebuild the lining of the digestive tract
  • Repairs the tissue of your heart and lungs.


The biggest question you should be asking yourself at this point is can my body cope without MSM. The MSM body cream is available and can be ordered. The launch of the capsules will be coming soon, but can be ordered before the launch.

Why are our capsules different to what you buy in shops?

Contains propolis which is an extract from honey gives the following benefits:

  • Natural anti inflammatory
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Natural antibiotic
  • Natural anti-fungal and the list goes on…

The combination of the two has proven to be outstanding.