Creating Links:

1. Your Tracking Code:

This is your unique code placed after urls so we can track referrals and sales and allocate your commission.

2. Tracking Link Generator:

Type in the name of the product you would like to specifically create a link to.

3. Tracking Link:

A. This is where a link+product+unique code is automatically generated when you use 2., You copy this link and save it somewhere for you to use in website links or online marketing as such.

B. Create a custom url link with your unique code + specific page by using the below:
Home page:
Specific page: 

Ebooks page:
As long as your tracking code is at the end of our urls, you will be paid for referrals. We recommend using https://bit,ly to shorten/customize your generated links if you are going to advertise through social media posts and such. 

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