• The Upside Of Sadness eBook

The Upside Of Sadness - a poetry collection by Christina Engela.

Like many poets, Christina Engela started writing poetry out of a need to express her internalized teenage angst, gothic gloom, suppressed desires, drama and emotional trauma. Unlike most of those poets, Christina is also very good at seeing – and presenting – the brighter side of sorrow, or if you will, the upside of sadness.

Christina wrote her first poem at age 12. Funnily enough, it was called "Fear", and since then, she has over the course of her life, written a further 232 poems.

This collection presents a selection of 165 of them, covering a variety of topics such as philosophy, love and heartbreak, her observations of the world around her, her torment as a teen and adult living with gender dysphoria – poetry she wrote in the face of prejudice and bigotry, culminating in her transition from the age of 26 to her final procedures in 2006 – and some light-hearted fun.

Author: Christina Engela
Website: https://christinaengela.com/

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The Upside Of Sadness eBook

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