Magic potion took away my pain

This is about Hally Park’s MSM Cream. I rubbed a smidgin of the white jar stuff on the painful joint of my shoulders, which have been killing me for the last 8 years. They were so bad it really hurt to lift a small weight (like a brick) with my arm straightened.

I applied Hally Park MSM Cream on Saturday night, Sunday night and Monday night.
My pain is gone.

Last night I thought: why not try some MSM cream on my hands? Five of my eight fingers are bad with arthritis. I haven’t been able to even make a fist for about 5 years. Can’t clench. Can’t bend my fingers. I’ve been to see a chiro who referred me to a hand specialist who referred me back to my doctor, who put me on Arthaway. I’ve been on those tablets for how long now, with no improvement.

Last night I rubbed some MSM Cream on my hands, just a tiny amount. Within minutes my hands started tingling, a very pleasant sensation. Half an hour later I showed Lourain a miracle. I’ve been having Quarter  zone injections into my shoulder joints to ease the pain. I tried exercising…that was a huge mistake. Resting was the only pain reliever.

I was out at sea on a big yacht yesterday with an old man. I had to winch ropes in that were right on the limit of my strength. It had to be done. My biceps are very stiff today. But I felt no pain at all in my shoulders.
Truly a miracle.

Claire. You have made my LIFE a pleasure to live again.