I can sleep without pain killers

I struggled with a very severe case of frozen shoulder for about eighteen months. ¬†I chose not to have surgery and after weekly treatment from a chiropractor, I was eventually able to move my arm freely again. ¬†However sleeping on my side is still painful and I could only sleep if I take painkillers. I… Read more “I can sleep without pain killers”

Carol Grant

Can type and knit all day without my hands seizing up

I have arthritis in my hands due to having broken bones in my fingers and torn a tendon in my thumb over the years. As a conveyancing secretary with hobbies of knitting and crocheting, I really need my fingers to be flexible. Hally Park’s MSM Cream has given me just that. I rub a microscopic… Read more “Can type and knit all day without my hands seizing up”

Yvonne Ashwell

Magic potion took away my pain

This is about Hally Park’s MSM Cream. I rubbed a smidgin of the white jar stuff on the painful joint of my shoulders, which have been killing me for the last 8 years. They were so bad it really hurt to lift a small weight (like a brick) with my arm straightened. I applied Hally… Read more “Magic potion took away my pain”

Dave Cowie